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Searching the market for the best CBD product? "Which one should I choose? May full-spectrum CBD is the ideal one? But some say the broad-spectrum offers more benefits? Should I look for CBD isolate for sale?" With so many questions and choices, choosing an ideal CBD product could be a daunting task. Whole Plant Logic will help you buy CBD online while also let you see the difference between full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD products.

Main Difference Between Full-spectrum And Broad-spectrum CBD

In order to pick the right product, you need to understand the difference between the two compounds.

Full-spectrum CBD oil contains CBD along with other cannabinoids including THC, terpenes, and fatty acid. And we have the best CBD paste for sale containing high-quality CBD produced under the laws and regulations laid out within the Farm Bill.

Whereas a broad-spectrum CBD has all the other cannabinoids except THC. This category includes our broad-spectrum CBD oil which is prepared from 500 mg of organic CBD.

Comparison Between The Two Products

Whether you need superior quality pure CBD for sale or are looking for a broad-spectrum CBD, we got you covered from all angles. We can be your one-stop solution with countless choices to ponder over. Full-spectrum products All our full-spectrum products are vigorously tested by third-party labs making them a good choice for consumers who prefer to go for quality over quantity. We have a wide range of pure CBD for sale which includes

1) 500 mg full-spectrum CBD capsules:

These 100 capsules are made up of premium quality endocannabinoid full-spectrum CBD. The capsules provide you with an instant source of fiber and whole plant nutrients.

2) Full-spectrum CBD relief balm:

This highly topical pain-relieving balm is made from pure CBD extract. Having a massage with this balm will soothe your pain making it an essential element of your self-care routine.

3) Full-spectrum soothing CBD rub:

Get pure CBD paste benefits with this full-spectrum rub with peppermint. Containing all the natural compounds found within the cannabis extract, you will feel the true impact of the product in no time.

4) CBD extract oil + citrus:

This product is made up of organic Scandinavian hemp while CO2 is used to extract the CBD from the plant. You can get products with 300 mg or 3000 mg CBD concentration depending on your needs.


Next in line is our collection of broad-spectrum CBD products. Our Broad-Spectrum Zero THC CBD Oil is quite extraordinary and is a fine choice for daily consumption.

The product is made from pure CBD combined with organic citrus flavoring to enhance its flavor. The CBD is extracted from organic hemp using the CO2 extraction technique which makes sour extraction methods eco-friendly.

Refund And Return Policy

Although we assure that our customers are able to buy pure CBD paste online with our help, you are free to return the order in case it is not up to your taste. Feel free to return it within 30 days after the shipment. And we will try to compensate you for your loss. The offer stands for both full and broad-spectrum CBD products.

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