Certified Organic CBD Oil

Many people know that CBD products have helped with pain relief and provide a natural option rather than relying solely on prescription medications. At Whole Plant Logic, we sell only high-quality certified organic CBD oil and other products. Our products are made using ingredients from the best and most reputable sources to ensure that our CBD oils, balms, and other items are safe and effective.

What is Certified Organic CBD Oil?

CBD is obtained from the cannabis plant. CBD stands for cannabidiol and it is the substance that is extracted from the plant. It is useful for topical application as well as internal use. It does not contain any hallucinogenic or mind-altering substances. Certified organic CBD oil is the most natural CBD product available. Our supplier grows plants organically, so they don’t use harsh chemicals or pesticides that could be harmful. We create our products with you in mind and always use only the most healthful and highest-quality ingredients. We source our full and broad-spectrum CBD from Scandinavia. Rest assured that our products are all properly tested and contain the proper amount of CBD.

We Use Only Premium Grade CBD

Our products contain premium-grade CBD. Our certified organic CBD oil and other products contain CBD from the best resources. You can be certain that our products are of the highest quality because we certify them. 

• Bio-Organic – USDA Organic

• Certified Vegan• Non-GMO

• 3rd Party Lab Tested

• FDA Certified cGMP

• Farm Bill Compliant

We sell a wide variety of USDA certified organic CBD products including certified organic CBD oil. One of our most popular CBD products is the Full Spectrum Extract CBD Oil + Citrus. This CBD oil is ideal for daily use. Simply place a few drops under the tongue as directed on the package. Our oil is made with the purest form of hemp so it contains a very small amount of THC, under the federal legal limit. You can purchase the product in the strength that best fits your needs in concentrations ranging from 500mg up to 3,000mg.

Choose certified organic CBD oil to have the best CBD oil and other products. You will know that the substances you ingest are only the finest and highest-grade possible. Read the description and product packaging to learn the ingredients, strength, and dosage recommendations of the substance before purchase. We offer many various products so you can choose the exact item that will meet your expectations. Many customers report that our CBD products are useful for relief of joint pain and stiffness, mental clarity, maintaining calm, promoting healthful sleep, and supporting a normal inflammation response in the body. You can try our products with confidence that you are getting the best possible ingredients.

At Whole Plant Logic, we craft our products for your ultimate health and well-being. We are happy to assist you with your order. Visit us online to purchase our certified organic CBD oil. Shop all of our top CBD products: https://www.wholeplantlogic.com/shop.